How to do a festival in style

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Got a festival coming up and want to make sure that you are making the most of every second?

With the festival season coming up, one way to ensure you enjoy every second is by having all the proper festival essentials at the ready. Let’s face it, without the right festival survival kit it’s definitely not as much fun.

At festivals understandably you want to savour every moment and remember every second by thriving off those festival vibes. Everyone knows how much fun festivals are but we also know that the miserable aftermath of having no option but to return to the real world of work is pretty depressing. Our favourite way to overcome this, other than booking our next festival (!), is to have a vast amount of photographic evidence from our recent experience to enjoy over and over again.

Capture your favourite band’s set, your friend flooring themselves in the mud, or you raving on their shoulders. In fact snap all three at once in the ultimate photo with a cheeky selfie stick. Make sure you always have a constant supply of battery charge by investing a festival essential, a clever little mobile phone case that has a built in charger. There are some great ones out there which promise 3x more battery life for a not too hefty sum.

Why not also make the most of being outside with your friends by bringing along a portable speaker to play your music when sitting around camp, getting ready for the evening or lazing about after the festivities end. Preferably the speaker will have fully charged batteries and be waterproof because let’s face it, we do live in the UK!

Talking of rain, if wellies aren’t your thing one alternative for festival footwear are Festival Feet. Available online, this great invention is designed to look like a pair of converse, but slip over your shoes to protect them. For an absolute bargain of a couple of quid, get them just to slide around in if not for anything else…

On a more practical note another festival essential (depending on your style of camping and hygiene tolerance!) is an all-in-one soap. This great liquid soap comes in a handy travel sized bottle and you can pick one up from your local outdoor shop. It can be used on your dishes, your body, your hair AND your clothes! Granted you might not be washing your clothes at your festival, but miracle product all the same!

Our final festival must-have is a couple of packs of Reon. Not only are they super-portable providers of caffeine, but as they don’t have any sugar they also don’t have that nasty crash feeling.

Any or all of the above festival essentials are guaranteed to enhance your festival experience. But before you go, don’t forget to stop by the trusty ATM – nothing worse than not having cash for all that festival food!

Now that you know how to survive a festival without panic, we think it’s time for those festival vibes to come sooner rather than later – bring it on!

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