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How to stay energised at work

 We have all experienced the dreaded afternoon slump at work, and more often than not, coffee seems to be the only answer. A caffeine boost is sure to make a difference, but there are additional ways to discover hidden reserves of energy that you have, enabling you to be more productive at what you do.

Although remaining motivated in the late afternoon after an early start is a challenge, by taking care of your body and mind, it is a realistic prospect. Here are some ideas on how to stay energised at work, and at least one of these you should be able to try out today – the rest you can put into place over time as you begin to adjust to your new routine.

Feed your body well

One of the best ways to banish feelings of tiredness is to feed your body exactly what it needs to function optimally, and this starts with breakfast. There is a reason that breakfast is called the most important meal of the day, as it is essential to refuel your body and mind with a nutritious meal after sleeping.

During the day while you are at work, keep up your fluid intake and choose balanced snacks rich with carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats, as this will ensure that your blood sugar levels don’t surge then drop suddenly, which will leave you feeling sluggish. 

Listen to some music

Sustained focus can often make you feel sluggish, why not try mixing things up a bit? Put your earphones in and listen to some of your favourite tunes.

When we’re listening to our favourite type of music, it can often get us moving without realising; our feet start tapping and our body moves, and this type of small exercise can help towards eradicating feelings of tiredness.

Give yourself a break

Many workplaces allow a morning and afternoon break, alongside your lunch so always use these as a way to relax and recharge your batteries. Working through your lunch hour or taking calls when you should be on a break may make you feel more productive, but in fact, it can have the opposite effect.

A great idea for taking a short break while you are working is to tell your co-workers some jokes; as laughter can help reduce tension in the body. As well as this, laughter releases endorphins and will give not only yourself but everyone else a real sense of enjoyment. Additionally, this laughter break will boost morale in the office, creating a fantastic space for mental-wellbeing and overall producing a happy work environment.

Fit in some exercise

We all know that exercise leaves us feeling energised but fitting it in at work can seem impossible, especially if you work in an office.

Here are just a few ways you can fit in exercise that will leave you feeling full of invigorated: if you live close to where you work, try walking or cycling instead of using transportation, use your breaks to take a brisk walk and get some fresh air or speed walk while doing work errands.

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