New Year’s Eve Failsafe – Reon Energise
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New Year’s Eve Failsafe

A quick guide to absolutely bossing the end of the year festivities like a party pro. 

Let’s face it… the end of any year can be a mix of melancholic reflection or hopeful expectations, as we look toward the year to come. Regardless, it’s almost certainly going to bring a mixture of food & drinks, friends and some eventful situations. But how can we navigate the nonsense and see in the New Year with style? Well, follow some of these simple steps and the early hours of January 1st 2018 should find you full of fun and feeling good.

  1. Plan Early. Don't let it get to late to get in somewhere. If your mates tend to dawdle and drag their feet when making plans you’ll likely find that if someone (i.e. you) has a definite and strong idea of what’s happening, they will fall in line. That way you’ll have the pick of the events available to you.
  2. Small and intimate. There are pros and cons to a small gathering of good friends. if it goes well it can make for an evening of epic proportions so long as everyone is on point but should it swing the other way and descend into a purgatory of small talk and obligatory how do you do’s then it’s often wise to have plan B complete with pre organised “sorry we have to leave but my dog is pregnant” style excuse.
  3. Off the Chain! Equally there are pros and cons to planning a night of monstrous proportion. Aside from the likely ticket cost, possible price hike behind the bar and the simple fact you might find yourself playing sardines with a scaffolder’s convention it could still be the time of your life. So long as the band or DJ do their job and hold the room and vibe stays positive you should be golden. That said, don't forget a plan B should it go array.
  4. Prepare for a long night. To keep up the good energy and all that dancing, give yourself a kick with a handy and healthy powder shot of Reon Energise. It fits in every pocket or party purse, is poured on the tongue and will give you an energizing boost, no matter where you are. That way you’ll still be ready to go way after Auld Lang Syne has thankfully gone.
  5. Make a good first impression. This refers to those unsung heroes that are the glue that make your night what it is. That taxi driver who took you to the party… get his name and direct number after tipping him generously. After all, when there isn't a taxi to be seen post-party, you have the equivalent to the bat phone right there in your pocket and the same goes for the bar staff. A generous tip or buy them a drink at the start and you’ll feel like Moses parting the sea when approaching the bar once you've caught your bartenders eye.

So these are just a few tips but combine them and you should be ok. Above all stay safe, have fun and enjoy yourselves whatever you choose to do!



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