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A snappy guide to staying energised in winter

Winter's Here And It's Messing With My Energy

Is it the lack of sunshine? Or just the mulled cider? Either way, here's a snappy guide to energising yourself through the dark winter months and making the most of your day.

by Bailey @The_Bailey_Mail

I’m knackered. The days are definitely shorter now and with increasing darkness all around, I have the overwhelming feeling that there simply isn't enough time. For anything! Surely I'm not alone in feeling that work, family and friends all demand our time (for better or worse) on our daily lives? So where can we find the time to do it all? Or… look at it another way… how can I become better and more efficient at being, well… just being me? 

While I won’t pretend to have all the answers, I have a fair bit of experience with trial and error and here are a few suggestions. Simple stuff we can do every day to help achieve our goals. Or even just one of them! Time is wasting so…

  1. Go Outdoors 
    Dead simple. Even though it's grey and likely you’ll get wetter than a beavers hat out there, you have to admit, that can be kind of exhilarating! Just 10-15 mins a day of whatever sunshine you can sparkle across your face will give you a Vitamin D hit which will improve mood and boost energy. 

  2. Do an unwind of the musical kind
    Sustained concentration will cause a brain drain and result in exhaustion. Mix up your peripherals with some mind stretching music. A little classic Mozart, some more modern Bonobo perhaps or anything that tickles your fancy but isn't so hooky will pull your tired brain away from what it is you're doing.

  3. Chill
    Without getting too heavy… stress can impact on your entire being from every angle, even without us realising. Emotions draw upon our energy reserves like Sandra from accounts goes at that G&T on Friday post-work. Take time to talk to people about your stresses and strains. That’s what friends are for after all. Try it and you might be surprised how good it feels!

  4. Use Caffeine to your advantage 
    Picking your moment is the key here but caffeine can increase alertness and increase energy when needed. If you’re on-the-go, a supplement like Reon's energising powder shots, which are packed full of Vitamin B12 and caffeine, is a definite go-to solution for both an energising 'quick-fix' or as a boost before undertaking a major task - mental or physical. Plus, it's pocket-size so use it anytime and anywhere. 

  5. Get the heart pumping
    Even if exercise isn't your bag you can give your whole day a massive and much needed boost by getting the body moving from the word go. I know its the last thing you want to do on a iron grey morning but I don't mean pumping iron either. Simple things like walking to work instead of taking the bus or a few easy exercises at home can kick start your day and get both your body and your brain moving.

 So that’s about it really… stay fresh out there folks!


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