Reon Powder Shots Pomegranate (x4 per pack)

Beat tiredness and fatigue 

Each powder shot contains 80mg of caffeine (about the same as a double espresso) and Vitamin B12 to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Perfect for when you've got to beat your personal best, beat tiredness or energise on the go. 

  • No need to mix, dilute or refrigerate
  • Sugar free. Just 3 calories per sachet
  • 4 sachets per pocket-pack 
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Certified gluten free
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Customer Reviews

Based on 460 reviews

There really good, especially as a kick start in the morning. I want some more please. Great.

Reon sachets

Where do i begin.... what are these! Theyre incredible. My husband had no idea these would even work on him since i just ordered a sample as a freebie. He took one shot as that day he had lots of work and night shift to do. To say he was amazed was an understatement. Sleep didnt come to him that day. He worked super hard however the energy to still carry on. And so i had to order another pack for hard working days. He loves Reon. Me toooo!

easy to use

left a funny after taste but easy to use and keep in a bag etc.
Not sure if it made any difference.

Nothing to fault

Ive been using these for a few weeks now,I use them in between doing a double class at the gym or if ive not had time to eat enough beforehand.
Having forgot once to take one between classes I can see that they really do give you a boost of energy. I find not only physically but mentally.

Reon Powder Shots Pomegranate

I love Reon, usually in the afternoon when I felt tired and sluggish I just popped a packet in my mouth and it worked quite quickly and gave me more energy. As for the flavour, mu favourite is still the chili one.