Reon Powder Shots Chili Roulette (x4 per pack)

Beat tiredness and fatigue on the go. 

Prepare for a boost. The Chili Roulette pack contains three sachets of Pomegranate flavour and one sachet of hot Chili. But you won’t know which is which! 

Each powder shot contains 80mg of caffeine (about the same as a double espresso) and Vitamin B12 to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Perfect for when you've got to beat your personal best, beat tiredness or energise on the go. 

  • No need to mix, dilute or refrigerate
  • Sugar free. Just 3 calories per sachet
  • 4 sachets per pocket-pack 
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Certified gluten free

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Good energy boost

It had a distinct taste and gave me a real energy boost! I think it would be good when training.

Good product

To get 3 for 2 offer (if available) - order 3 packets and the 3rd packet will be discounted off total price. DON'T order two packets, expecting the 3rd to be included in the package..... so website could be clearer on that (teething problems though?) and really good customer services resolving issue when contacted.

Convenient product - don't worry the chilli flavour isn't too hot!

Works really well

Me and my partner decided on buying the roulette version for a bit of a laugh. I picked out 2 sachets and let her choose one of the two. She and I both counted to three and on go we downed them. It was like sucking on granulated sugar and the flavour was acceptable. I did not feel anything hot and my partner said she was getting any hot sensations either. Suddenly she started flapping saying she needed milk I being me just sat there laughing at her going hysterical.

The rest of the day I was alert and functioned better than usual and I have CFD (chronic fatigue disorder) so for it to make my day better it proved itself well.

excellent service and products

really good stuff and amazing taste though the chilli was really hot!

Great product

Highly recommended , one very happy customer. Would definitely recommend, fantastic price as well.